Our dedicated web server offerings are geared to organizations that want excellent server quality, network performance, and network availability at a reasonable.

We cater to those who want the assurance that their server provider is an expert in the dedicated server environment.

All of our servers are connected to the internet via a dedicated 100mbps line and we use multiple backbone providers to give you the stability you need.

Whether you need a fully managed server where we give you our full support or a "bare-bones" server that you take care of yourself, we have your server!

Here are our current server packages. We can also configure a server for just about any requirements you may have.

Note: We do not offer low-end "junk" quality servers. There are plenty of places to get those if reliability & service does not matter.

:: Managed Services ::
With any of our "Managed" plans, we provide pro-active security monitoring and will assist you with whatever issues you face.

We're here to support you!



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